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    Microsoft Translator


Microsoft Translator APIs can be seamlessly integrated into your applications, websites, tools, or other solutions to provide multi-language user experiences. Leveraging industry standards, it can be used on any hardware platform and with any operating system to perform language translation and other language-related operations such as text language detection or text to speech.

To get started, you will first need an Azure account, then you can to sign up for a subscription to the Translator Text or Speech API. Free plans are available for 2 million characters per month for the Translator Text API and 10 hours per month for the Translator Speech API.

Documentation for each of the currently available APIs can be found below.

Translator APIs

Text Translation
Translate text from one language into text of another language, and get text-to-speech output of translated text

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Speech Translation
Translate speech from one language into speech or text of another language

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